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Ady Clifford is the owner of Based in Birnam. Ady is an active member of the couchsurf community and can often be found introducing people from all over the world to the local area and activities.


What does Dunkeld mean to you?


Dunkeld and the surrounding area has been my home now for 10 years, I originally moved up here from Nottingham as I got a job as an outdoor activity instructor – 10 amazing years later and I’m still just as much in love with the place as I was when I first arrived.


Dunkeld grabs you, it’s a beautiful place which doesn’t let you go once you have given it the chance to welcome you in. I love how nearly everyone knows everyone, the amazing local musicians and bands and the way that when its sunny everyone knows to head to the Taybank. It’s a place that you could easily skip through on a winters day and not give it a second look but anyone who has spent a little time here knows just how captivating it is – life is better in Dunkeld!


Everything you could possibly want and need is no more than roughly an hour away, beautiful rivers, beaches, biking trails, climbing, lochs, airports, major cities and even skiing in the winter – If it were a few degrees warmer then Dunkeld would be right up there with one of the best spots in Europe J



Why Couchsurfing in Dunkeld?


Dunkeld is a perfect place to stop on the way North to Inverness and its not just home to the Birnam Oak and a host of coffee shops. You need to take the time to dig deeper in to Dunkeld and when you do you will see that it has much more to offer than a hot drink and an old tree, there is the hermitage, amazing forest and river walks, stand up paddleboarding, mountain biking, lochs, amazing live music and the friendliest locals you will meet in Scotland! If you are travelling around Scotland then take at least a day or two to discover what Dunkeld has to offer.


How about a Dunkeld Secret Spot?


My garden for a bbq – invite only though, second best secret spot is the small river beach in Birnam.